It’s Okay to Be Anti-Trendy

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Bomber Jackets. Chokers. Tiefront Tops. What do all theses have in common? They were the trendiest of the trendy during 2016. Because of their status as such, I avoided them like the plague. As much as I love fashion, I hate trends. If I buy anything it’s not because everyone is wearing them or they’re the latest thing from Fashion Week. Rather it’s because it’s my style and I like it.

However, sometimes it seems like people feel that they need to be on trend to be fashionable. That is the farthest from the truth. I will site my favorite television journalist, Carrie Bradshaw as the perfect example. Nothing Carrie wore was on trend during her time. Now I didn’t like all of Carries outfits, they were all way too out there for my taste. Nevertheless she rocked what she liked rather than what any one told her to wear. It made her who she was, the ever sarcastic shoe loving columnist who bought Vogue instead of food.

If a trendy piece suits your fancy, then you should definitely go for it. But if your only shelling out the money because Rachel in Biochemistry has one, then you need to reevaluate before your bank account starts bawling its eyes out.

Fashion is meant to be self-expression. So what’s the point in everyone trying to look the same?

And for the record I do own a good amount of chokers now thanks to one of my best friends getting them for me as a Christmas present. But I stuck it out, and didn’t start wearing them until after the new year.

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