Five Tips for Mastering High Heels

I have been obsessed with shoes since I was a little girl, especially high heels. However when I first started walking in them at twelve, I had no idea what I was doing. My mom outright told me that I walked like Herman Munster. You know the Frankenstein-like father figure from the Munsters tv show?

Herman Munster

But I didn’t want to be Herman! Oh no I wanted to be feminine like his wife Lily.

Lily Munster
Gotta love a girl with a skunk stripe. Slowly, but surely I eventually figured out the way of the high heel walk and I’ll share my secrets with you!

1. Start Small

If you’ve never really been much of Heels kind of girl, jumping right into a pair of stilettos would be like jumping of a bridge in other words, not smart. The best way to approach Heels as a newbie is start small and work your way up. Kitten heels are adorable and often easier to walk in than any other kind and when you feel ready you can gradually buy or wear shoes with higher heels on them.

2. Wedges

Now this tip is similar to the first but yet vastly different. For some heels aren’t impossible but maybe since they don’t wear them often, there is a period of wobbliness any time they put them on. The only way to remove the wobbles is to wear heels nearly all the time, however, even though I do this, I wouldn’t recommend all people do. Hence wedged boots. Wedges don’t mess with the structure of a person’s foot as much as regular heels and as a result you can practice in them all the time without risking your ankles. And since boots are versatile with a multitude of different styles available you’ll never be in want.

Summer Bonus!! – Wedges are perfect summer shoes when worn in a sandal style so this tip is applicable to all times of the year!

3. Tiptoes

Now this one might sound ridiculous and when enacted it kind of is, which why you do this on your own time at home. If you can’t walk around comfortably on your tiptoes or can’t balance, heels will be a nightmare for you. So for sake of your heels wearing night out or your special event, be a little girl pretending to be. Ballerina and walk around on the balls of your feet. You may look ridiculous, but since you’ll be doing this on your own time no one one will even see you.

4. Find Your Style

No two woman is alike, and no two type of heel is either. There are so many different heights, colors, materials, and styles out there that there is at least one kind of heel that could appeal to a woman. So to make it easier to wear them, find the kind you like. The kind that put a smile on your face every time you put them on. I know I wouldn’t be me if it weren’t for my go to wedges.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Now this is the simplest tip on this list and is applicable to pretty much everything: practice makes perfect. If you have an occasion where heels are a must—or at least strongly suggested—practicing in them any chance you get is the sure fire way to master them. Wear them to buy groceries, while walking around the mall, going to get the mail or visiting family members. If you have to put shoes on your feet to go, put on your heels. Then by the time your event rolls around you’ll be strutting like a champ.

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