My Top Five Favorite Stores

It must be obvious by now how much I love fashion and shopping. There are many different websites and stores that I frequently purchase from. However, I do have a handful that I prize over others! Here are my top five favorite stores!



5. Tobi

I came across this store after clicking on a Facebook advertisement. I can definitely say that I was wary of them at first and expected the clothing quality to be lacking and for the store to be lackluster overall. Thankfully I was proven wrong after I made my first order and found the clothing was nicely made and everything fit. The clothing style is quite edgy which is right up my alley but there is definitely something for everyone at Tobi.


4. Missguided

This is one of two stores that I only discovered after binging British youtube videos. My favorite part about it is the way the website is organized. I never knew that there were so many ways to categorized dresses and other pieces of clothing. The only downfall I could find with this store is that the sizing for shoes is slightly off due to the shift from European sizes and US sizes. However this is a minor thing that can be fixed by simply sizing down by half. Other than that Missguided can do no wrong.


3. Express

I had loved this store long before I was even old enough to actually wear any of their pieces. But the moment I could, I went on an insane shopping spree that made my wallet cry. Every item in Express is wonderfully made though my favorite items have to be the business wear. I like dressing business casual on a daily basis and have raided their business section a lot. The portofino shirts and blouses are gorgeous but be mindful that they have to be taken care of well. One tiny stain and the top is often history, especially if white. Nevertheless Express is wonderful enough that I keep coming back.


2. Forever 21

I have adored this store for as long as I can remember and most of my basic tanks and accessories were purchased from here. It’s no surprise that I love it since there are three of them in my city in general and I spend a little too much time on their website. Everything from F21 is well made and gorgeous and you can find tons of trendy styles for wallet friendly prices. And considering the fact that I am a college student this is a huge plus for me. I’ve never had an issue with F21, and I doubt I ever will.



I’m going to be blunt: I love giving ASOS my money. Seriously, everything on their site is amazing and I can’t imagine never having come across it. (Thank you British youtubers!) The quality is phenomenal and their is something for everyone! I recently discovered that I’m considered petite by designers and ASOS has entire sections dedicated to itty bitty girls like little 5’4″ me. Their website is organized beautifully and while the prices are a little on the higher end, your money will be well spent. They also have a section for small business boutiques which is incredibly because they need support too!
I’m a huge shopping fiend so spending time in the brick and mortar store or the website of any of these shops is kind of my favorite past time. Let me know what you think of these fab fashion stores in the comments! Do you love them as much as me?

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