Style Meets Childhood: Fashion Collaborations

In recent years, it has become a common trend to combine modern fashion with the past. So many designers and fashion enthusiasts are reaching into the fashion time capsule and pulling out anything that interests them. Crop tops are back. Bellbottoms too. And the list goes on and on. But one recent trend that I’ve noticed creeping its way into the mainstream, is fashion lines combining retro and modern childhood favorites with fashion and accessories. While many know of Hello Kitty’s fashion takeover not so long ago, here are three more childhood fashion takeovers that are occurring right now.


Barbie x Missguided

2017-07-17 (9)

With Barbie making headlines within the last couple years with her new body types and appearances, it is not surprising that someone would decide to incorporate her into current fashion. Missguided, a UK based retailer, released a collection entirely inspired by Barbie. Everything about her is represented in the clothing and accessories including her signature pink color. Unfortunately, the collection has sold out hence the “Barbie broke the internet” statement, but luckily it will be restocked soon.


Hot Topic Build-a-Bear

2017-07-17 (11)

I remember renting out the Build-a-Bear in my hometown for my birthday party so many years ago. Back then it was awesome to have Sketchers for your bear, but now it seems Hot Topic is getting in on the action. Hot Topic has always tended to use pop culture in the clothing that they sell with a majority of the merchandise being Harry Potter, Star Wars, DC Comics, or etc. themed but this is different event for them. While this may appeal more to younger girls who still go to Build-a-Bear, it may appeal even to an older crowd who find off kilter bear themed fashion awesome.


Minions x Casetify

2017-07-17 (13)

Now this isn’t exactly fashion, but as attached as we are to our cellphones nowadays are phone cases might as well be considered accessories now. Minions are a recent trend and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve somehow managed to escape the confines of their animated movies and have become a staple of culture for some, while a growing annoyance for others (which matches how some feel about them within their movie world). Nevertheless, minions are hilarious, adorable, and nicest shade of yellow so having them as your phone case would be following a trend that just doesn’t seem to be going away.


And there you have it! What childhood and children-aimed things would you like to see combined with fashion?

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