Style Inspiration: Steampunk

Even though I’ve never set foot in a Comic-Con, something I’d very much like to do, I am a huge fan of steampunk. It might be because of how much I love the Victorian era and my love of fiction novels of that genre, but either way the elegant fashion combined with the hard metal details just fascinates me. However, most steampunk style is much more intense than I would ever wear as regular clothing as apposed to a costume. So I created an style inspiration that would bring steampunk to the streets. Thankfully corsets are in fashion again, burgundies and golds are forever complimentary, and lace up boots are fabulously chic!


Short Sleeve V Neck Blouse with Corset Detail [Ivory] - $48.00 (ASOS)
Pack of 10 Filigree Hair Cuffs [Antique Gold] - $9.50 (ASOS)
Faux Suede Embroidered Boots [Black] - $48.00 (Forever 21)
Intricately Exquisite Tights [Black] - $14.99 (ModCloth)
Traveling the Lobe Earring Set [Gold Antiqued] - $19.99 (ModCloth)
Textured Mini Skirt with Box Pleats [Burgundy] - $29.00 (ASOS)

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