Fashion Icon: Rebecca Bloomwood

Hey lovely readers! I would just like to give a quick update that, because school is starting up for me once again, I will be posting once a week from here on out! Now on with the post!


Confessions of a Shopaholic is exactly what it sounds like. Rebecca Bloomwood is a journalist whose dream is to work for an elite high-fashion magazine, but things start crumbling to pieces when she learns that she is in debt up to her neck, her current job at a gardening magazine folds, and that the position she wanted has been filled. She thinks she’s screwed, until she gets a job as a finance guru at a money magazine under the direction of a handsome Brit as she tries to find a way to the fashion magazine housed in the same building and keep her own huge debt a secret.

But one of the best parts of the movie, besides the comedy, is Rebecca awesomely eclectic style!

1. She has an insane amount of clothes.

While it can be said that this was pretty much her biggest problem in the whole movie—the scene of her closet bursting open is still the funniest one in my opinion—you still have to admit that the girl was totally prepared for pretty much every occasion that could ever present itself! Cocktail party? Check. Interview? Check. A trip to the bookstore to find a book about finance only to leave with one about how not to shop? Check!


2. She knew how to style Luke.

As a girl who loves a well dressed man, I have to say that this is a talent I think most girls who love fashion should covet. Some men (Most men?) do not know how to dress well. Throughout the decades men have gone from three piece suits to plaid button ups and skinny jeans with sneakers. While quite a few guys can make this look work, it isn’t exactly a style that last well into your thirties. But Luke wasn’t a complete lost cause, much to Rebecca’s surprise, as it turned out he spoke Prada!


3. She learned a valuable lesson about cost and worth.

Semi-paraphrasing one of Luke’s first lines in the film, “cost and worth are two very different things.” The whole point of the movie is that Rebecca, as spunky and stylish as she is, is a little too loose with her many credit cards and spends too much time shopping: hence the title including the term “Shopaholic”. As someone who is teetering on this behavior (thankfully I don’t have credit cards), I see the movie as a great warning that going into debt for the sake of style is really not worth the Gucci boots no matter how much I’m willing to pay for them.

Besides in the end: what would I rather have Gucci boots or Luke Brandon? I think the answer is obvious.


7 Tips to Unleashing Your Inner Fashionista

Originally posted on Sept. 23rd 2016 on Her Campus UCF.

Everyone knows that sweatshirts, yoga pants, and sneakers are a common part of the designated “uniform” of a collegiette. Athleisure quickly became a fashion term for reason after all. But as a girl who always wore heels to class in high school, I found myself wary. Would I be sucked into the trend? Was getting gussied up for class really that easy to fall out of? But after only a week on UCF’s campus I realized that incredible, individualized style mixed with function is abundant for Lady Knights (and even Guy Knights for that matter!)

So, no matter where you’re located, if you hid away your cute booties or off the shoulder blouses for the sake of fitting in, here are seven tips to let your inner fashionista shine once again.

1. Wear what you feel most comfortable in.

First and foremost, never let anyone tell what you should wear especially if it makes you uncomfortable. You’re the one wearing the clothes, not anyone else. Tight skirts make your skin crawl? Try a flattering circle or A-line skirt. Stilettos make you walk like Bambi? Try kitten heels or wedged sandals.


2. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns.

Plaid, paisley, checkered, striped, etc. There are so many prints out there that you’re bound to find one you like if you’ve ever considered giving them a try. Paisley is great for girls with a serious feminine streak, stripes are always flattering, and plaid…plaid’s just awesome especially with fall (slowly) approaching.


3. Heels, and sneakers, and flats, oh my!

In the words of Carrie Bradshaw, “Men, I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know.” There are so many different styles of shoes out there that there is bound be at least one type that you find yourself drawn to. When picking shoes keep practical and pick kinds that you already know you can handle. Going too wild might result in bruised and battered feet and no one wants that.


4. Simple isn’t always #basic.

If a t-shirt and jeans, or sweater and skirt speaks to you, go for it. Some of the most well put together outfits are made up of simple and inexpensive pieces. They can also be worn in so many different of ways, that you could wear the same outfit twice in a row and only the keenest of fashionista would even notice. But they won’t be judging, they’ll be applauding.


5. Get personal with personal style!

This is my favorite tip! Your style translates to the world who you are and even how you’re feeling that particular day, so it’s imperative that it communicates the message you want. The best way to go about this tip is to look at your own closet and check for repetitions, i.e. lots of black and little to no color, or various crop tops but few with long sleeves. We’re creatures of habit so we tend to buy what we like. If a piece looks completely out of place, has no sentimental value, and you haven’t worn it in a while, donate or toss it.


6. A is for Accessorize!

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Wearing none at all can sometimes make even the cutest ensemble bland, or wearing too much can result in eyes darting around your outfit and not knowing where to look. Accessorizing is a delicate factor that depends on the personality and outfit. If your more bohemian, fun earrings and layered necklaces with natural themes and colors will work wonders for a tank and maxi skirt combo. If simple chic is more your speed, a single necklace, bracelet, and some classy diamond earring would probably compliment your style best.


7. Most importantly: be yourself!

No one knows you better than you know yourself and no one can be a better you than you. Fashion is one of the few subjective factors in our lives and rarely will two people agree on every trend. If you’re looking to change your style, go right ahead. But if you know what works for you, stick to it and work it like no other.

Fashion is about expression, so express yourself!

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