Fashion Icon: Rebecca Bloomwood

Hey lovely readers! I would just like to give a quick update that, because school is starting up for me once again, I will be posting once a week from here on out! Now on with the post!


Confessions of a Shopaholic is exactly what it sounds like. Rebecca Bloomwood is a journalist whose dream is to work for an elite high-fashion magazine, but things start crumbling to pieces when she learns that she is in debt up to her neck, her current job at a gardening magazine folds, and that the position she wanted has been filled. She thinks she’s screwed, until she gets a job as a finance guru at a money magazine under the direction of a handsome Brit as she tries to find a way to the fashion magazine housed in the same building and keep her own huge debt a secret.

But one of the best parts of the movie, besides the comedy, is Rebecca awesomely eclectic style!

1. She has an insane amount of clothes.

While it can be said that this was pretty much her biggest problem in the whole movie—the scene of her closet bursting open is still the funniest one in my opinion—you still have to admit that the girl was totally prepared for pretty much every occasion that could ever present itself! Cocktail party? Check. Interview? Check. A trip to the bookstore to find a book about finance only to leave with one about how not to shop? Check!


2. She knew how to style Luke.

As a girl who loves a well dressed man, I have to say that this is a talent I think most girls who love fashion should covet. Some men (Most men?) do not know how to dress well. Throughout the decades men have gone from three piece suits to plaid button ups and skinny jeans with sneakers. While quite a few guys can make this look work, it isn’t exactly a style that last well into your thirties. But Luke wasn’t a complete lost cause, much to Rebecca’s surprise, as it turned out he spoke Prada!


3. She learned a valuable lesson about cost and worth.

Semi-paraphrasing one of Luke’s first lines in the film, “cost and worth are two very different things.” The whole point of the movie is that Rebecca, as spunky and stylish as she is, is a little too loose with her many credit cards and spends too much time shopping: hence the title including the term “Shopaholic”. As someone who is teetering on this behavior (thankfully I don’t have credit cards), I see the movie as a great warning that going into debt for the sake of style is really not worth the Gucci boots no matter how much I’m willing to pay for them.

Besides in the end: what would I rather have Gucci boots or Luke Brandon? I think the answer is obvious.


Fashion Icon: Cher Horowitz

Cher Horowitz

The first fashion icon I will be covering is none other than the fabulous Cher Horowitz, Alicia Silverstone’s character in the 90s classic Clueless. Here are three reasons she was and still is so totally fashion forward.

1. She inspired some 90s style!

Despite what some may believe, the classic 90s style did not influence he movie Clueless. It was actually the other way around. Wearing knee socks in a completely unironic way wasn’t definitely not a thing until Cher came on the scene. She made what had once been considered a geeky look into something super cute and fashionable when worn with the right shoes and accessories.


2. She never wore the same outfit twice!

This is pretty common for most fictional characters because since it’s not the real world they don’t have to limit hem selves to what’s in their closet. But either way, Cher dressed in a manner that, although impractical for the average person (I think I would only be able to make it a month before having to repeat my outfits) she still had a set style that mimicked the way girls dress in real life. Once you find your niche why change it?


3. Her closet is to die for!

It actually pains me that there has yet to be a foolproof and perfect replica of Chet’s closet organization system. How great would it be if that were an actually thing?! Something apps come close, but nothing compares to that opening scene with Cher picking out her outfit for school that day. Though even with her organization system, she still faced the same problem a lot of girls have: so many clothes but nothing to wear!